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If you would like to be a judge at the Adirondack BBQ festival please fill out the form below. We will send you a confirmation email when you are accepted. Accepted judges will also be posted on our 2017 Accepted Judges list.

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2017 Accepted Judges
Judges will be added to this list as
more teams register for our event.
Please check back to see
if you have been accepted.
Jerry Luke
Jeri Luke
Michael Ascenzi
Philip Barcomb
Martha Barcomb
Michael Tierney
Michael Kinney
Nancy Kinney
Michael Sturdivant
David Bunn
Eileen Bunn
Eric Johnson
Bruce Davidson
Robert Ferone
Kevin Dowling
Corad St Thomas
Dennis Gawron
Joseph Murdoch
Roberta Hayes
Joann Smith
Blair Smith
Paul Davey
Paul Dolan
Paul Sertic
Tammie Vandermeulen
Richard Vandermeulen
Vince Marcoccia
Chris Clarke
John Keevill
Kate Labbate
Jean Stefanik
Cliff Brockman
Linda Brockman
Alan Lindsey
Judy Soprano
Chris Soprano
Glenn Smith
Jay Dixon
Jason Miller
Bruce Hahn
Ryan VanDerVoort
Bob Briggs
Linda Lucas
Geza Hrazdina
Tracy Shuhmacher
Joe Lachacz
Lawrence Heck